Club Kiss @ Privilege – Live Biggie Tribute 3/09/07

Had to post this… I might be white, but the impact of Biggie can’t be ignored. 

This is straight live from the Club Kiss at Privilege, and Bonics is on it in places, but since there’s commercial breaks in the actual radio feed, this includes two songs that didn’t make it on the air while we were in a break.  WHOA EXCLUSIVE!


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NYEmix2007 Segments – Get Em Here!

Since it's well after New Year's Eve now, my segments from NYEmix2007 are now available for download!

CAUTION: These files are BIG! Downloads might take a while.

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Friday Night Kiss Live 12/16/2006

Here’s a sample of Friday Night Kiss before Kiss put it on hiatus. I’m the one playing the music, Scottro is the one talking. This was the last 10 minutes of the show, and it was close to 1am, so the rules went a bit out the window. I’d always wanted to play the Borat theme on the air.

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