House Set from Ibiza Mondays 3/15/10


When I went to Pittsburgh for St. Pats this past month, I also got to play at a bunch of nice spots.  WHIM is a new Station Square spot, and I think I played a total of 5 records there with Bonics on Saturday night, and by now I hope you’ve checked out my set from The Switch at S Bar that Sunday.

I also got to play at this new night that Bonics, DJ Strobe and Uncle Ray have set up at Ibiza in the Southside. This is probably absolutely the best kept secret in the 412… great spot for drinks on a Monday, the vibe is real chill, and it’s exclusively house music, which is a soft spot for me.

I gotta say this was also one of the more intimidating places to play, cause it was obvious that the house heads were out in full force and they KNOW this music, and here’s this goofy white kid from the Top 40 station wearing his name on a Japan jersey, and is he really about to try to play house music?  Add that to the fact that I haven’t played a true house set (sorry Guetta) in over a year.  Oh, and it’s Strobe’s birthday.  Oh, and Steve1der and Waldo are there to hear what I’m gonna do.

But this was a FUN crowd!  There was a few places where you can hear Serato glitching; that’s not from needle dust or from bad records, that’s actually from the floor vibrating from people dancing.  SUCH a great vibe.

Here’s the set from that night.  It’s mostly older house, venturing into some french stuff at times, and it was SO much fun to do a set like this.  Thank you to Bonics, Strobe and Uncle Ray for this… if you’re in Pittsburgh on a Monday, definitely check this night out, highly recommended.




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